Oh, The Places You've Gone!

The marvelous misadventures of wee little sock critters in a great big world

Update…… January 19, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — Hilary Emerson Lay @ 7:35 pm

I checked in at Atomic Cafe this morning: he has been taken!  They’re not sure who took him or when, but sometime over the course of the last 24 hours, he disappeared with someone!

No email yet from said critter-taker; I will post as soon as I hear from them!



10 Responses to “Update……”

  1. Dan Says:


  2. Hilary Emerson Lay Says:

    @Joan: OK, it’s not a hostage situation! 🙂

  3. jacey boggs Says:

    This is the second time I’ve checked today. Perhaps I’m too invested in this…

  4. LizzieMade Says:

    Hello, I just came over to see what’s happening – found you via Odd Sox on Facebook (they are our favourite sox people – we have a Grump and a Bug – and a little purple heart too – which came from Odd Sox).
    This is such a fabulous idea for a project – I hope very much that it works out well; it will be wonderful to follow your Critter’s adventures.
    I will follow your blog (if that’s ok?) and post on my News column, in my own, to tell the world the Critter is out there!

  5. Hilary Emerson Lay Says:

    @LizzieMade: Hello! I would be flattered if you followed my blog! Although perhaps wait til we have some action goin’ on to share it with the world. In a week or so, I will have more critters out in the world, since #1 has disappeared….

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