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DOG! DOG!! February 2, 2012

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And I got to hang out with a PUPPET!  Who looks like a real person!  (Lacy made him—!!).   I took the 78 bus with Lacy and the big puppet, where she got real mad at the dudes who took up the Priority Seating seats (for disabled and elderly) with their stupid bags even though the bus was real crowded and some little old ladies got on.
She felt rage, but let it go.
Her rage was mostly about other things, and when do you ever really get anywhere yelling at dudes on a bus?

Her cat is boring, but Lacy is neat.  She made all these puppets for this theater show she wrote.  It doesn’t have words, which is weird, but it has music and puppets, which is cool.

I like Lacy.


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