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Clamming and beers and clementines, oh my! February 5, 2012

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HI!!!  I finally arrived at Kristin’s on Cape Cod! 

Apart from arriving four or five days later than expected, I’m adjusting really well.  Kristin named me Pugnax!  I know it sounds kinda dog-ish, but honestly, I only have to live with it for a week anyways, and Kristin says it’s a lot better than some of the other names that were in the running. 🙂

I love Kristin!  Hilary was right; she’s really fun.  She has a neat little house and a big stinky dog named Ella who keeps wanting to kiss me on the lips.  (Ew).

So yesterday was pretty relaxing… not much activity.  My box arrived NEXT to the mailbox (precarious placement if you ask me–*ahem* George the mailman–but I guess he just had knee surgery so I can’t really complain that he didn’t walk the package to the backdoor as he usually does).  Kristin’s neighbor Kathy saw me out there and worried that I might be cold; it was she who ripped open my box like a ravenous beast [see photo].  She then proceeded to drive me up to the LandHO!tm [local bar] where she knew she could find Kristin with all of her teacher-friends after work on a Friday afternoon.  Kristin instructed her to bring me home because a bar was no place for our first meeting….NOT, she swears, because she was embarrassed to bring a stuffed animal into the bar in front of her colleagues.  Who you callin’ a stuffed animal, Kristin?!

Then I spent some quality time with Charlie, my….brother? cousin? littermate? crittermate?…a little dude that Hilary make for Kristin a while back.  We shared a clementine and hung out in the kitchen for a while.  As you can see from the photos, Charlie really looks up to me.

Then this afternoon….we went clamming!  “Yes, I know it’s February,” Kristin told me.  “Yes, I know it’s not quite forty degrees.”  But honestly it was unseasonably warm and when else might I be given the chance to go clamming on Cape Cod?  It was a gorgeous afternoon on the flats. I hope that Kristin enjoyed herself as immensely as I did, although she’s such a good hostess I can’t imagine she would let me know if she were the least bit unsatisfied with our field trip.  I did take one hold-yer-arm-out, Facebook-style picture of myself lounging on top of the clamming basket, which Kristin told me was lame.  I just stuck my tongue out at her.

Anyhow, bowling and beers later on this evening… she told me I can come along as long as I refrain from placing sketchy back-door Super Bowl bets with the bowling alley employees.  Bet she won’t be complaining when I win her lots of money! 😛


2 Responses to “Clamming and beers and clementines, oh my!”

  1. Duane Says:

    I love reading your recent post :):) Sounds like Pugnax is going to have a fun time in Cape Cod !!!

    Duane and Joan

  2. LizzieMade Says:

    I have never been “clamming”. Not sure where I would find clams in UK (I’m sure they can be found, just don’t know where). I did go “winkle picking” with my dad once. Winkles are little snail-like shellfish. We boiled and ate them – they were good (probably needed butter though, but quite good all the same).
    I hope Pugnax (for a week) manages to win that “lots of money”… just think of all the Grand Adventures he would be able to afford!
    Enjoy your week, have fun!

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