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Twentynine Palms…and two days to get there! February 11, 2012

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Mita Bee is a wonderful, lovely, funny, charming friend whom I have never met.  She and I got to know one another through The Great 2009 Moleskine Exchange Project, where a group of artists each procured the exact same blank journal and illustrated the first six pages, and then sent it to the next artist to have them illustrate six pages, and so on.

Mita lives in Twentynine Palms, California.  She creates teeny little mixed-media collages using text from old books (sound familiar?).  She was once a librarian, and her love of words carries over into her artwork.  For a little while, she ran MitaBee Art & Books.  There’s a cool article about her here, which talks more about the concept behind her work (her husband is an artist, too!).  You can also follow her meanderings at www.mitabee.com.

I chose this particular sock critter for Mita because he’s a little shy, but extremely playful once he comes out of his shell, and I know that Mita’s gentleness and sense of humor will be good for him.  He has pink & white skulls & crossbones running down the sides of his extremely lanky body, which he tends to move in a very ferret-like manner.  He is confused by absolutely everything, and will definitely need a lot of guidance meandering his way through the world.

I’d been a bit lazy about sending him off (much to his annoyance) when all of a sudden we found out that Mita and her husband were leaving for Mexico in two days’ time, and if he arrived Friday by noon, he could go, too!  So we tore up the street to the post office, where we waited with bated breath while the postal worker measured the box and asked if it contained anything liquid, fragile, perishable or knit cotton blend.  Then I asked what it would cost to get him there Friday by noon: $37.34, guaranteed.  Or $10.23 Priority, which may or may not make it.  I chose the latter.  Thankfully the guy at the post office wasn’t watching when the box started shaking a little; our little friend was clearly very upset that I didn’t think him worth $37.34 and a guaranteed trip to Mexico.  But I have great faith that he will miraculously arrive on time, and that Mita and her husband will find just enough space for him in their luggage (he is, after all, pretty bendable).

Good luck, little guy—-godspeed!

(Here are some pictures of him hamming it up for the camera and gazing out over Marblehead Harbor before being rushed off to the left coast).

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3 Responses to “Twentynine Palms…and two days to get there!”

  1. Another adorable little guy! I hope he makes it to Mita in time for a Mexican adventure!!!!

  2. LizzieMade Says:

    He is rather wonderful and if he fancies a trip to UK at some point, we promise to welcome him here! I hope he has a great trip to Mexico (somewhere I would like to go too!).

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