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So long, Pugnax! February 20, 2012

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This just in from Kristin on the Cape:

“Our time together went quicker than I could have imagined, and when it was all said and done, I didn’t take the guy on as many adventures as I’d originally hoped to (not even a ride out on to the beach!?!  C’mon, where else in the world might he encounter an SUV with an oversand sticker??).  But we did enjoy the time we spent together.

I was really torn on who to pass the bugger off to; there were a lot of suiters.  My dad, who spent the greater part of the week threatening break in to my car/house to kidnap him, ended up with cold feet when faced with the option of actually being responsible for such a creature for seven days….which may be for the better, because his writing is generally not suitable for a general audience (at least without a reader’s guide, or Cliffnotes, or a translator of some sort.)   Billman was another frontrunner, but I felt like maybe he should venture farther away since he spent a lot of the week around Bill anyway.  I have a friend, Kara, who teaches down in D.C. and would ADORE this project, and for that reason was also high on my list.   I set about acquiring an updated address and planned to send him posthaste as a surprise, and then found out that she would be arriving on the Cape this weekend.  The decision at this point became easy.  Williamman would take the week in the middle and I could still control Pugnax’s next step (to Kara) by proxy.  Done deal.  I’m dying to see what he’s done with Bill and what his name currently is.  I asked Bill to make sure to bring him by the electic motorcycle factory where he works, because, well, I’m obsessed with the electric motorcycle factory and I want everyone else to be as well.

I’ve attached some photos of Pugnax with Ella-Stink, whom he adored.  Ella was mildly amused and mostly indifferent, which is her reaction to almost all that she encounters (boys and opposums aside).  Pugnax was also quite intrigued with the bowling alley in Orleans for its ability to hold on to such vintage bowling hardware without much in the way of maintenance, and not because it’s the only thing to do in the winter when the ponds aren’t frozen and there is no snow on the ground.

He also took a trip with me to school, where I was dying to take his photo with ALL of my favorite students but worried about getting their parent’s permission for publication of the photos.  He did spend a class period hanging with some “Groovy Girls” (who also have VERY long legs and arms) that one of my freshman plays with on her breaks from school work.  He also helped my brother rip up carpet and install laminate flooring, although he couldn’t stand up when he was rocking the toolbelt.  The final shot is him sitting in Bill’s passenger seat… which is where I left him late Sunday night.  I can’t wait to see where he goes from here and hope that one day our paths might cross again.”

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4 Responses to “So long, Pugnax!”

  1. LizzieMade Says:

    Oh what a busy week you both had. He looks very happy in those photos – though I’m not so sure about Ella.

    • Hilary Emerson Lay Says:

      Ella has love for everyone and everything. Although I admit, she looks a bit wary in some of these photos….

  2. Great post!! Why doesn’t he come visit WV?

    • Hilary Emerson Lay Says:

      GOOD IDEA!!! Maybe I will start a 6th (7th??) critter adventure; I’ll bring him on my road trip to WV and then we pass him off there??

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