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A week in limbo with Franklyn February 21, 2012

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This from Bill, to whom Kristin passed off Pugnax (now Franklyn).  Forgive me; I posted Kristin’s update a week late, so Pugnax-Franklyn has actually been with Bill this entire past week.  He is now en route to D.C.! (Frankyln, not Bill).

“Franklyn and I started off on good terms.  Despite having to delay his trip to Washington D.C. by one week,. he started off our adventures by keeping a close watch on my lunch bag in the front seat of my car, as seen in one of our pictures.  If you know me, you know that I have a high regard for sandwiches, and Franklyn must have the same affinity for the breaded meat- and cheese-filled delights, because he was making sure nobody got to my snacks but me.  So, lunch in hand, and critter riding shotgun, it was off to New Bedford, Massachusetts and a hard day’s work.

We arrived at Vectrix LLC at about 7:30am and Franklyn was ready to get to it.  He made sure the sign was in order to help direct the truck drivers in for the day’s deliveries, and then we moved inside to get a handle on things there.  He surveyed one of our police prototypes and found everything to his liking,  so it was on to the forklift.  I just let him sit in the seat, as he isn’t certified to be riding around in that thing lifting and moving heavy objects as he pleased.

It was then that Franklyn decided we should go ahead and do some real, actual, work.  We made our way out to the assembly line to work out some kinks on the new three-wheeled prototypes that my company has designed.  They have an articulating front end and are powered by 30 or 40 amp hour lithium batteries.  He fit right in with the crew,  grabbing up one of the air tools and getting to work.  I let him go to it for a little while before sending him back to my desk to take up his sandwich-guarding duties once again.

Later in the week, Franklyn and I took a little trip to the big city of Boston, Massachusetts.  He had no idea his second week living on Cape Cod would lead to so many adventures in other parts of the state.  We hit some pretty bad traffic on the way, which wasn’t all bad as it allowed me to snap a few photos of Franklyn witnessing some of the landmarks that the Boston area had to offer.  We got one of the big gas tanks in one picture and later we got a good shot of the skyscrapers jutting out into the downtown sky.

We had plans to venture out and see what else the city had to offer, but we were actually visiting my significant other in a celebration of Saint Valentine, and once we got there, we never ended up leaving the apartment.  What can I say; we got a little sidetracked.

However, Franklyn will have a chance to see a little bit more of the city soon because I passed him off to the magnificent Kara Brady.  She’ll be taking him to Logan Airport and whisking him away to Washington D.C., our nation’s great capital.  Good luck to Kara and Franklyn, or whatever his name is now.”


2 Responses to “A week in limbo with Franklyn”

  1. LizzieMade Says:

    Yay for Pugnax-Franklyn! He is certainly having some big adventures for a small (ish) guy! I wish him much luck and enjoyment in Washington DC (where I have actually been!!)

  2. If Franklyn wants a play-date with my mischeivous crew of creatures while he’s in DC, let me know! I live very close and I’m sure my gang would love to make a new friend!

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