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Top of the mornin’ to you, old chap! February 26, 2012

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This just in from the UK, where this little fellow has been staying with Louise of OddSox fame:

“Hey Marmy,
I just dropped in to say Hi.
Since I’ve been here in gool ol’ Blighty, I have mostly just been chilling out on the sofa watching (awful) English soaps, drinking tea and eating bizquits.
The nice lady promises to take me out to see some of the local sights soon, so I’ve decided to stay here a bit longer.
I’ll write soon and send you some snaps.


Upon Nobby’s arrival in Dorest (see picture below), Louise started a naming contest on her Facebook page.  Dozens of people weighed in.  “Nobby” was the winner, despite my (I thought) rather creative suggestion of combining everyone’s name selections: Loui Sprog Lemmy Bruce Horace Nibble Jeff Horatio Bob Ralph Frederick William Brian Tumro Gilbert Nobby…..the 6th.

Guess it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue….





One Response to “Top of the mornin’ to you, old chap!”

  1. LizzieMade Says:

    Woo-hoo! Good for OddSox! Nobby was definitely a good choice – it suits him. I approve of the bizquit eating – a sock person needs to keep his strength up and English Bizquits are the best.
    By the way, Nobby must have met someone Irish in Dorset – who taught him to say “Top of the Morning “?
    And where will he go next…

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