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Catrina Rosa checks in! April 2, 2012

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Back from Baja!  We were stopped two times by the Federales at their military checkpoints and the soldiers talked to me in Spanis; I just answered with a smile.  They were looking for drugs or guns but instead they found me! They had never seen anything like me before. I asked to take pictures with one group, but they said no because of security!  I love Mexico; the margaritas, the sand, the sun, (not the shrimp–I’m allergic).
Mita and Allen took me all around the little village of San Felipe. We enjoyed dinner out along the Malecon (the seaside promenade) and fish tacos for lunch. We sampled margaritas everywhere; I prefer the ones made with fresh squeezed limes and  some lemon-lime soda instead of the mix.  We went to a favorite beach spot and we looked for sand dollars in the sand and I stretched out for a little sunbathing.  I found that I love playing in the sand!
We stayed at their casita, which is off the grid (hence the long silence) and totally solar and propane powered, so I could not watch TV or work on the computer…but I didn’t miss it at all! At night we had bonfires , read old NEW YORKER magazines, and listened to the music of the coyotes.  On the way home to the USA we took a little break by some sand dunes so I could slide down them!  I had a long but exciting visit with Mita and will head off with some new folks on Thursday for ……….LAS VEGAS!

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  1. mitabee Says:

    never to be heard from again…..:(

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