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“Nobby {Dorest, UK}, soft, floppy, big heart, seeks loving new home.” April 22, 2012

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OddSox, the fabulous British sock-creature-maker to whom I sent “Nobby” last month, has just posted some updates/a call for new housing on her blog.  I’ve transposed it below, but click here to go to her original post and read some of the responses she’s getting!

So.  A little while ago, this little fella came to stay.

Isn’t he cute?
He came all the way across the big water as part of a travelling sock creature project c/o the awesome and multi-talented (and very very funny) Hilary Emerson Lay.

After much deliberation and help from the gorgeous peepuls on our facebook page, we decided to name him Nobby.  😀

I had planned to take Nobby on lots of exciting adventures, but somehow or other life just kept getting in the way.
(Also, I remembered that I’m not the kind of person who goes on exciting adventures).

So Nobby, has mostly just been hanging out with us and watching tv and chilling on beach.
Here he is doing some  things…

chillaxing on the sofa and watching tv...

watchin' the ships comin' in and goin' out again....

juss sittin' in a bucket. natch....

havin' a lovely chat with a fish...

pointing at a crab... (make your own jokes)!

falling out of a tree...

And now after all of that excitement, Nobby has decided he wants to go and live somewhere else for a week or two.  Somewhere where he’ll get to go on ‘proper’ adventures and not be parked in front of the tv and fed bizquits and crisps to keep him quiet!
If you feel you would make a good temporary foster mother for this little chap, and are prepared to take pictures and keep his birth mom informed of his adventures… speak now or forever hold your peas.   (Nobby is packing his bags as I type)!

5 Responses to ““Nobby {Dorest, UK}, soft, floppy, big heart, seeks loving new home.””

  1. Gillian Says:

    Love the pics! I’ll take Nobby next!

  2. Hilary Emerson Lay Says:

    Sis, who don’t I send you your own critter to pass along? Nobby is in the UK and should probably stay there, since the five other critts are all in the States.

  3. rebecca Says:

    Caring, creative, stay-at-home Mom seeking foster critter for brief stay in the Arizona desert…references available upon request!!! I’d love to have one be part of my 365 project. 🙂

  4. lizzie Says:

    Hey, “Nobby” is currently living the High Life (literally!) up in my Studio. He has been very busy and we have forgotten to send updates…
    Me & Nobby promise to do something about that very soon! Lizzie & Nobby xx

    • Hilary Emerson Lay Says:

      No worries, Lizzie! I know you’ve had a busy busy summer! Give old Nobs a big squeeze for me, and I look forward to hearing from both of you whenever you get caught up with everything!

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