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Morley, Monday and a change of course for this blog. May 28, 2012

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Greetings, all!

As those of you who have been diligently following this blog from its inception probably know, the great “traveling sock critter adventure blog” that I had in mind hasn’t exactly gone according to plan.  After promising starts, my communication with the five new owners of the sock critters has been spotty (or nonexistent), and I don’t even have a clue as to where some of the critters are at this point.

So rather than give up and can the whole project, I’ve decided to open up this blog from just the five traveling sock critters to any and all of my critters out there.  I’ve sold and given away hundreds of them over the years, and people love writing me occasional updates and sending me photos of the little guys in their new homes.  So from here on in, I am going to encourage all sock-critter-owners out there to contribute to this blog, making it a sort of “Where are they now?” kinda thing.

Starting with Morely.  Morely is a critter that I made for Dan, my partner of three years, and gave to him on our very first date.  Morely has a long striped tail and wears a little sweater vest, underneath of which I stitched a heart.

Dan was kind enough to put me in touch with Morely, who was ONLY too happy to oblige my request of updates and photos.  Oh, and you should friend Morley on Facebook here!





HI!  My name is Morley Robertson, and I live in an office. The office is at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY.  It is cold up here but we don’t get much snow because we are above the gulf stream.  I share the office with Dan, who does math.  (Well, mostly Facebook, but sometimes math.)  The majority of my day is spent sitting on my swing and staring at the back of his head.

When he leaves at night I get my quiet, reflective time.  I usually check Facebook and then read some classics with a nice glass of port and some fun-sized Snickers bars.

Around midnight I take the hippo out for a ride.

I sometimes call hippos “land pigs”.
And I sometimes play with Transformers!

I also like to draw.

Today I drew a picture and I think it is pretty good.  It is a picture of a dragon fighting a German Shepherd while a unicorn watches.

I was just thinking that if I had to be a character in the Donkey Kong game I would be Donkey Kong.  I would rather throw barrels at people than have them thrown at me.  He probably had a reason for being so mad.

The end.

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2 Responses to “Morley, Monday and a change of course for this blog.”

  1. Will Conley Says:

    Awesome. I smiled and laughed.

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