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The marvelous misadventures of wee little sock critters in a great big world

Soong’s adventures in Thailand! September 5, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — Hilary Emerson Lay @ 9:45 pm

This just in from Anna, who inherited this critter in D.C. and took him to Thailand with her!
“I named him Soong, which means tall in thai (a word I had to learn quickly as a 6 foot tall woman in Thailand!).
Soong accompanied me on a night out of the town with my friend Ashley, where he got to try infamous Thai streetfood, as well as BeerChang, the national drink of Thailand.
He came with me to work later, and met my coworker Mo Hawm, who is from Burma. He even tried riding a motorbike! Although he was too short to sit properly, so we wouldn’t let him leave the parking lot. We also couldn’t find a helmet to fit him.
Over the weekend, Soong came camping with us. We went north to Chiang Rai, and hung out at the Khun Korn waterfall. It was pretty hot so Soong was grateful for the cool breeze and mist after a long hike. He got to take a bus ride, as well as a ride on my bike, and try some delicious French bread, even though we were in Thailand! A treat for all.
Last I heard my guy was in Laos with a friend, I’m not sure where he is now!”.
Hopefully we’ll hear from him soon (soong?).  Thanks, Anna!

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