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OH MY GOODNESS. February 5, 2013

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Guess WHAT??  Remember last January, when I loosed that very first sock critter into the world, all bright-eyed and innocent, assuming I’d just started the world’s greatest traveling critter adventure, and then never heard from him again, and became all dismayed, and the started the project over again with five new critters?

I just heard from that first critter.  (Well, I heard about that critter, not exactly from him).  One year and 8 days after I left him at that corner table in the coffee shop.

I recently received this email from Markie & Ania in Beverly, MA (I’d originally left the little guy at the Atomic Cafe in Beverly, so he didn’t get very far):

“Hello!  My roommates and I found your sock monkey the other day, in my roommate’s bike basket!  It was a great and fun surprise!  We are really excited to spend a week with her.  We’ll get back to you with pictures and stories!”

She shortly followed up with pictures of she and her roommates with ‘Peek-a-Boo’ at their hot cocoa party.

When I asked her what their plans were for Peek-a-Boo, she said that one of their friends really liked him, so they’ll either surprise her with him or leave him with a complete stranger.

Stay tuned for updates, and a million thanks to Markie & Ania for tracking me down!


One Response to “OH MY GOODNESS.”

  1. Christy Says:

    Pure awesome!!

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