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meet seanconnery. April 29, 2013

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My most recent sock monstah commission was an unusually specific one: it had to be green, vaguely dragon-like, have NO glitter, and be named “seanconnery.”  After passing him off to the customer (my friend Jim), I asked if he could tell me the story behind this guy.
One of Jim’s good friends is leaving the area soon, and he wanted to surprise her.  In Jim’s own words:
“I wanted to do something whimsical for her.  You know, to make her smile.  So I thought I’d commission something from you.  But I needed to have some random information to make it special, personal, and quirky.  🙂
So I sent her this survey:
1. What is your favorite thing about Potsdam, NY?
2. If a mythical creature suddenly appeared in your house and you kept it as a pet, what would you name it?
3. What is your favorite color?
4. Do you have strong opinions about gitter?
These were her answers:
1. My favorite thing about Potsdam is the preservation of the old downtown buildings along Main and Market St.
2. Hmmm…if the mythical creature was a dragon, I’d name him Sean Connery. 🙂
3. My favorite color is green.
4. I’m not sure what ‘gitter’ is, so no, I have no strong opinions about it. If you meant glitter, I suppose the only opinion I have is that more women (or young girls, rather) should be aware that the glitter that many companies put in eyeshadow can be quite damaging to your retinas if accidentally rubbed into the eye. I just prefer not to wear it.
She seemed confused by the survey, asked its purpose, and I did not tell her.  I said something about needing the information for some plan.  The plan, of course, was you!”.
Jim and I walked around Potsdam last week and took pictures of seanconnery in various important locales, i.e. at the Potsdam Co-op, on top of the Clarkson University sign (his friend’s alma mater), in front of the cinema (where his friend works), and in the Clarkson bookstore, where we almost got kicked out for putting seanconnery into a university onesie and photographing him.
The rest of the pictures are here:



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