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Thailand! May 28, 2012

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I received an email this morning from a girl named Anna, who is living in Thailand.  She’s the newest person to have acquired Pugnax/Pants, who started his journey back in March on Cape Cod.

Click here to go to Anna’s photo-blog and see pictures of the critter in action!

After this, she’s sending him to Laos—!!!


Morley, Monday and a change of course for this blog.

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Greetings, all!

As those of you who have been diligently following this blog from its inception probably know, the great “traveling sock critter adventure blog” that I had in mind hasn’t exactly gone according to plan.  After promising starts, my communication with the five new owners of the sock critters has been spotty (or nonexistent), and I don’t even have a clue as to where some of the critters are at this point.

So rather than give up and can the whole project, I’ve decided to open up this blog from just the five traveling sock critters to any and all of my critters out there.  I’ve sold and given away hundreds of them over the years, and people love writing me occasional updates and sending me photos of the little guys in their new homes.  So from here on in, I am going to encourage all sock-critter-owners out there to contribute to this blog, making it a sort of “Where are they now?” kinda thing.

Starting with Morely.  Morely is a critter that I made for Dan, my partner of three years, and gave to him on our very first date.  Morely has a long striped tail and wears a little sweater vest, underneath of which I stitched a heart.

Dan was kind enough to put me in touch with Morely, who was ONLY too happy to oblige my request of updates and photos.  Oh, and you should friend Morley on Facebook here!





HI!  My name is Morley Robertson, and I live in an office. The office is at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY.  It is cold up here but we don’t get much snow because we are above the gulf stream.  I share the office with Dan, who does math.  (Well, mostly Facebook, but sometimes math.)  The majority of my day is spent sitting on my swing and staring at the back of his head.

When he leaves at night I get my quiet, reflective time.  I usually check Facebook and then read some classics with a nice glass of port and some fun-sized Snickers bars.

Around midnight I take the hippo out for a ride.

I sometimes call hippos “land pigs”.
And I sometimes play with Transformers!

I also like to draw.

Today I drew a picture and I think it is pretty good.  It is a picture of a dragon fighting a German Shepherd while a unicorn watches.

I was just thinking that if I had to be a character in the Donkey Kong game I would be Donkey Kong.  I would rather throw barrels at people than have them thrown at me.  He probably had a reason for being so mad.

The end.

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Pants hits D.C.! April 22, 2012

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(Big apologies go out to Kara, who sent me this update a month ago and I’m just now getting around to posting it!  Sorry, Kara!)


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I was Pugnax, then Franklyn…and while I visited D.C. with Kristen and Bill’s friend, Kara, I was Pants!

Sheeeesh.  Kara put me on planes, trains, bikes, and automobiles of all sorts!

OK, I lied. That was a lie. I didn’t venture around on a train, but I was able to enjoy a flight to D.C., a taxi ride, Metro adventures, the city bus, biking, and hiking!
After leaving Kristin and Bill from a local speakeasy in Orleans, MA, I ventured to our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., There, I attended classes at a Charter high school, spent time with many of the students there, and learned to love their tidbits about “must sees” in this city. After all, these students know their stuff! After morning advisory, caring for “Ms. Brady’s” plants, and 9th grade English class with my new friends from school, I headed to break, where the girls taught me double dutch. I then headed with my new friend Kay to her Latin class. What a dead language. I guess this classical school believes in the teaching of it. Mea culpa!
After school I helped a new friend sell Girl Scout cookies, took a ride on the Capital Bikeshare bikes, road the city bus, ate at the local Carry Out, and visited the famous Smokey’s Restaurant.  I really enjoyed heading down to the local Carry Out, where the famous “Mrs. Mumbo” makes her decadent Mumbo (or Mambo – there is no official spelling, apparently) sauce. It is the best known in D.C.; that’s a pretty big deal around here.  We ate chicken and fries, that were, of course, drenched in Mumbo sauce.
That Thursday night I visited the Kennedy Center. What a beautiful theater. One of Kara’s students was performing in a D.C. Top 10 Youth Talent Competition. I saw so many young talented artists there. From drummers to pianists and dancers and singers of all genres, I was impressed. The girl who won was my top choice, too! We were able to cast votes like they do on American Idol. The program that put it on, DC CAP, is a program that helps to support children of all backgrounds in their pursuit of attending college. The program’s goal is to send all D.C. public and charter school children who want to go to college, to college. The top three won scholarships. I appreciated being a part of such a great show, and in support of a great organization’s mission. The Kennedy Center is unreal, too.
Over the weekend, I went hiking in Harper’s Ferry, WV. This is a famous location where I learned of abolitionist John Brown’s Raid and saw the second named armory of the United States, marked as such by George Washington. This made such a great location for an armory because it is where the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers intersect. I also saw the well-known and gorgeously kept Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. Too bad Kara didn’t take me on that train!  The hike was beautiful, and I made a lot of new friends. We even saw a live bald eagle at one of the lookouts. I think he admired my pants…he kept circling…
That night I learned how to brew beer! We made a Belgium Ale. I wasn’t able to try it because I was told it wouldn’t be ready for about six weeks, but the process was fun. I learned a lot and the hops were tasty.
On Sunday of my week in D.C., I ventured through Rock Creek Park by bicycle down to some of the monuments on the National Mall. We visited the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial (see all the pics!). I think my favorite was the Lincoln Memorial. Kara was really emotional alongside Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. I guess she wrote her thesis in college on it or something.  She couldn’t get over the magnitude of the document. It was ludicrous! After the monument walk, we ventured alongside the Potomac for the sunset. I was able to watch the sunset along the river and the Key Bridge, which Kara said leads to Virginia. The skyscrapers over there were lame, but I guess parts of Virginia are nice. The route through VA out to Harper’s Ferry was pretty. They say that state is for lovers. I haven’t found mine yet…
I was hoping to catch some of the famous cherry blossoms on my visit, as I hear they are just beautiful. The Japanese had it right with that gift, I’ve heard. They had not popped yet, though.
And now I am off to Chiang Mai, Thailand to visit my friend Anna!!! Kara actually lives in Anna’s old room in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of D.C. I have heard wonderful things about Anna, so I am super excited to meet her and adventure around!  Stay tuned!
With peace,

“Nobby {Dorest, UK}, soft, floppy, big heart, seeks loving new home.”

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OddSox, the fabulous British sock-creature-maker to whom I sent “Nobby” last month, has just posted some updates/a call for new housing on her blog.  I’ve transposed it below, but click here to go to her original post and read some of the responses she’s getting!

So.  A little while ago, this little fella came to stay.

Isn’t he cute?
He came all the way across the big water as part of a travelling sock creature project c/o the awesome and multi-talented (and very very funny) Hilary Emerson Lay.

After much deliberation and help from the gorgeous peepuls on our facebook page, we decided to name him Nobby.  😀

I had planned to take Nobby on lots of exciting adventures, but somehow or other life just kept getting in the way.
(Also, I remembered that I’m not the kind of person who goes on exciting adventures).

So Nobby, has mostly just been hanging out with us and watching tv and chilling on beach.
Here he is doing some  things…

chillaxing on the sofa and watching tv...

watchin' the ships comin' in and goin' out again....

juss sittin' in a bucket. natch....

havin' a lovely chat with a fish...

pointing at a crab... (make your own jokes)!

falling out of a tree...

And now after all of that excitement, Nobby has decided he wants to go and live somewhere else for a week or two.  Somewhere where he’ll get to go on ‘proper’ adventures and not be parked in front of the tv and fed bizquits and crisps to keep him quiet!
If you feel you would make a good temporary foster mother for this little chap, and are prepared to take pictures and keep his birth mom informed of his adventures… speak now or forever hold your peas.   (Nobby is packing his bags as I type)!

MORE cupcakes! That’s a sentiment I can get on board with! April 19, 2012

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Found this delightful email in my inbox this morning from a ‘Lauran.’  Thrilled to be getting updates from complete strangers!  (This is the critter who started with my friend Lacy in Chicago).

Here’s what Lauran has to report:

“This cute little sock critter made its way to me in Chicago, and thought about trying some cupcakes!  The red velvet was by far the favorite!”

Love this picture.  Thank you, Lauran!


Catrina Rosa checks in! April 2, 2012

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Back from Baja!  We were stopped two times by the Federales at their military checkpoints and the soldiers talked to me in Spanis; I just answered with a smile.  They were looking for drugs or guns but instead they found me! They had never seen anything like me before. I asked to take pictures with one group, but they said no because of security!  I love Mexico; the margaritas, the sand, the sun, (not the shrimp–I’m allergic).
Mita and Allen took me all around the little village of San Felipe. We enjoyed dinner out along the Malecon (the seaside promenade) and fish tacos for lunch. We sampled margaritas everywhere; I prefer the ones made with fresh squeezed limes and  some lemon-lime soda instead of the mix.  We went to a favorite beach spot and we looked for sand dollars in the sand and I stretched out for a little sunbathing.  I found that I love playing in the sand!
We stayed at their casita, which is off the grid (hence the long silence) and totally solar and propane powered, so I could not watch TV or work on the computer…but I didn’t miss it at all! At night we had bonfires , read old NEW YORKER magazines, and listened to the music of the coyotes.  On the way home to the USA we took a little break by some sand dunes so I could slide down them!  I had a long but exciting visit with Mita and will head off with some new folks on Thursday for ……….LAS VEGAS!

Top of the mornin’ to you, old chap! February 26, 2012

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This just in from the UK, where this little fellow has been staying with Louise of OddSox fame:

“Hey Marmy,
I just dropped in to say Hi.
Since I’ve been here in gool ol’ Blighty, I have mostly just been chilling out on the sofa watching (awful) English soaps, drinking tea and eating bizquits.
The nice lady promises to take me out to see some of the local sights soon, so I’ve decided to stay here a bit longer.
I’ll write soon and send you some snaps.


Upon Nobby’s arrival in Dorest (see picture below), Louise started a naming contest on her Facebook page.  Dozens of people weighed in.  “Nobby” was the winner, despite my (I thought) rather creative suggestion of combining everyone’s name selections: Loui Sprog Lemmy Bruce Horace Nibble Jeff Horatio Bob Ralph Frederick William Brian Tumro Gilbert Nobby…..the 6th.

Guess it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue….